Georgian cheese platter
Chicken salad
Fried Sulguni with wine sauce
Fish Dorado with spinach garnish
Chicken fillet with vegetable garnish
Sausage platter
Salmon "Gravlax" with coffee sauce
Roast beef with mustard-sour cream sauce
Shrimp with paprika
Sommelier Mirian Machavarani
about Wine and Dine Tbilisi
About the concept
The brand name Wine and Dine speaks for itself. We were the first in Tbilisi who offered the professional approach to pair Wine with Gastronomy. Our consumers vary - those who already have knowledge of wine and ordinary people who just would want to match their favorite alcohol with delicious food. In our wine café you will find selected Georgian and European wines, from different collections, satisfying every taste. Our main concept is – All that matches the wine!

Menu and Wine map
I would like to admit that we do not have a wine map. The whole range of wine is presented on the shelves. We help out guests with choice by ourselves, following the rule price & quality. All wines represented in boutique are interesting, with distinguished characteristics relevant to our menu and vice versa. We have a creative approach to menu. We always offer something new, taking into consideration consumer's wishes, seasonality and trends. We have strict quality control; product freshness is the most important issue.

One of our main activities is providing the Master-classes. We conduct Master-Classes about wine, the wine and food pairing; often have comparative tastings - for example, comparing Georgian wines with European wines etc. In Wine and Dine we arrange new products presentations as well. Anyone eager to receive new information can participate in our Master-classes and enjoy wine and gastronomy tasting processes.

We have a lot of plans - Brand development, expansion of the network, new training projects, creative direction and many more.

Snacks for wine
Roast beef with mustard-sour cream sauce 15₾
Salmon "Gravlax" with coffee sauce 15₾
Herring cream with black bread 5₾
Chicken pate with baguette 5₾
Tapas-Nadugi, Roast Beef, Salmon, Blue Cheese, Sun dried tomatoes, Herring cream, Chicken pate. 1,5₾
Gastronomy for wine
Georgian cheese platter – Bona, Goat cheese, Ashmelo, Sulguni aged in Saperavi, Muchli, Muchli with nuts, Weich kase, walnut jam, Churchkhela, Honey 20₾
Sausage platter – Proshut krudo, Bresaola, Salami, Rachian ham 18₾
European cheese plate – Grana, Bri, Goat cheese, Cheese with mold, Walnut jam, Churchkhela, Honey 18₾
Tapas platter 9₾
Season salad 8₾
Georgian caprese 9₾
Chicken salad 10₾
Hot dishes
Fish "Dorado" with spinach garnish 15₾
Chicken fillet with vegetable garnish 15₾
Shrimp with paprika 14₾
Squid with lemon sauce 10₾
Fried Sulguni with wine sauce 9₾
Chocolate truffle 15₾

Bakuriani 2₾
Borjomi 2₾
Espresso 3₾
Americano 3₾
Cappuccino 5₾
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[email protected]
Tsintsadze St., 58, Tbilisi 0194