About Us

Wine and Dine

Wine showroom and bar ‘’Wine and Dine” has started its progress from Georgia’s capital – Tbilisi, because we think that local people can truly appreciate Georgian wine. We are looking forward to introducing you to the “real” wine that’s passed its strict test of our chief-sommelier. In order to introduce you to the best wines of our country, we are constantly in search of unique tastes, making sure we work not only with well-known companies but also with small, family winemakers.

Today, good quality wine with an affordable price is not luxury because of the experience our winemakers have gathered throughout the years. We are trying to make bottled wines more and more popular by giving you just the best of our product!

We classify our wines according to companies, grape varieties, and different regions. That makes it possible for our guests to make choices easily and enjoy the unforgettable experience – our sommeliers go through special training exactly for that!


We host parties, wine-tastings, master-class, meetings with winemakers and want to invite you to not only to buy the wine but to also enjoy the process in a unique atmosphere.

We support the development of wine culture. And when you start to understand and get the hang of the wine, you encourage winemakers to produce the best products just for you!